News & Announcements
Updated Monday, December 01, 2014.

Added Google Custom Search - 3/3/2014
Made the Keepers Archives searchable via Google Custom Search.

General Tweaks and Updates - 3/2/2014
We're working on general site tweaks and updates to some of the material.
Beginning Jan 21, 2014 - Completed Mar 02, 2014

Font Sizes - 1/14/2009
We're working on a site wide increase in the font sizes displayed on the pages. Our goal is simply to make the site easier to read.

M. Shirley Chong - 12/19/2008
For those of our visitors who are not already aware, Shirley is recovering from serious health issues and is not available for seminars, classes or private lessons at this time. She has limited her activities to posting on the various e-mail lists of which she is a member.

New Site Host - 10/08/2007
We've moved to a new site host, so don't be surprised if some of the features on the site are broken. The Calendar is only partly working.

We're Closing the Activity Center - 1/15/2004
After six years we've decided to close up shop at our present location. Especially since 9/11 there simply hasn't been enough business to keep the Center open. Our last day at this location will be 31 January, 2004.