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Advanced Stuff

Sue Ailsby
Is Punishment Evil? Try Bidurfee Instead!
Paw Targetting
Trouble Shooting a Problem (Using the Retrieve as an Example)

Bob Bailey
Wrong -
Reliability of Behavior, Desensitization

Mary Beam
Agility Repetitive Stress

Stacy Braslau-Schneck
Index for Jean Donaldson's The Culture Clash - (Text Version)

Torbjörn Bückström
External Reward (Treat Behind Dog)

Shirley Chong
On/Off Switch
Teaching a Foot Whack
Easing Into VSR
Use of a Keep Going Signal
Targeting with a Laser Pointer
More on the Use of a Laser Pointer
More or Less Options?
Using a Target Stick
Toys as Primary Reinforcers
Variable Schedule of Reinforcement for Heeling
Putting a Dog to Sleep (NOT euthanizing!)
Charging Up That Hamburger!
Proofing Food
Agility Repetitive Stress

Line Farr
Using Sniffing as a Reinforcer

Victoria Farrington
Dash, KP & The Steps :-)
Jackpot With Extravagance
Dash's Magic Box
Leaving Yucky Stuff (i.e. Making Better Choices)
Distraction Training
Using a NRM (No Reinforcement Marker)
More on Choices
Making Them Regret It (the cheeseburger post)
Cue as Thrill

Diana Hilliard
Using a Whistle for a Great Recall

Deb Jones
Do Jackpots Mean Out of Control?

George Keith
Extinction Bursts - Keep the Faith!

Don Martin
Dealing With Object Stress During Training

Lana Mitchell
Keep Going Signal
Keep Going Signal

Elizabeth Naime
Impact of Variable Schedule of Reinforcements

Kathy Povey
Punishment as a Training Tool

Karen Pryor
Chaining Behaviors
When To Click With No Treat

Carmel Rickard
BackChaining Explained

Dani Weinberg
Punishers vs. NRMs
Generalizing Targetting
Touching a Target Stick

Gary Wilkes
Training to Avoid Low Branches
When To Click With No Treat