Positive Solutions for Dog Training

Katherine Kerr wrote my all time favourite series of fantasy novels (the Deverry series). When I was in the hospital with kidney failure, she sent me a signed copy of her latest work and I know she has done similar things for other fans. In other words, she is a terrific human being as well as a terrific author.

Now she needs help. Her husband has Alzheimer's and she needs assistance with his care. Their modest income covers their basic expenses and is too high for them to qualify for any assistance. It isn't enough money for her to pay for much needed assistance. She has chronic asthma and a heart condition, which means that her own energy is limited.

Her fans are trying to raise enough money for her to get 20 weeks' worth of respite assistance in the form of a home health aide or daycare for people with Alzheimer's.

M. Shirley Chong has been training dogs since 1982 and started using clicker training in 1992. Clicker training is based on the principles of operant conditioning and uses positive reinforcement to help the dog learn behaviors. Read how people feel about Shirley's training methods on her Testimonials page.

Shirley also specializes in analyzing dog behavior and correcting problem behaviors, using customized approaches based on the specific dog. She has owned German Shepherds, Belgian Tervuren, Belgian Sheepdogs and Borzoi. She currently shares her home with a Belgian Tervuren, a Belgian Sheepdog, and three cats; oh, and one husband (a rescue). She has rescued and re-homed over 60 dogs of many breeds.

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